• Quiet and consistent performance.
    • Brand new user interface for easy operation.
    • Up to 6 programmable recipes.
    • Hands free automation.
    • Adjustable cradle for any porta filter handle.
    • Adjustable grind delivery spout to suit any porta filter handle.
    • Stepless grind adjustment with a lock grind setting mechanism.
    • Solid model available with dosing chamber.
  • Generating and maintaining minimal heat while under peak demand, SCODY II is an on-demand grinder producing consistent results The step-less grind adjustment, hands-free actuator switch and the user-friendly software with a precise timer, adjustable by steps of 1/10 of a second ensures consistent dosing necessary for a constant pour time. The manufacture advises the 75mm titanium burr set for 2500 kg of coffee use. Cooling fan and low 800 rpm burr speed minimise heat and the negative effect on the espresso in the cup.
  • The Anfim Special Performance (SP) II On-Demand (OD) and Barista are a collaboration by Espresso Company Australia working directly with ANFIM to create a high volume commercial grinder to meet the needs of the Australian coffee industry. 75 mm SP Titanium burr set operating at low 650 rpm for longevity and clarity of the espresso. The step-less grind adjustment, hands-free actuator switch and the user-friendly software with a precise timer, adjustable by steps of 1/10 of a second ensures consistent dosing necessary for a constant pour time. Dual fan and separation of the burr chamber and motor to minimise heat within a busy environment
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    Expobar – MegaCrem

    $5,225.00 $4,950.00
    By far the most popular EXPOBAR model, the MEGA CREM is an extremely reliable and stylish espresso machine that rivals it's more expensive competitors.
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    Expobar Barista Minore IV

    Traditional E61 lever group head which weighs 4.2Kg is made completely of brass and has been chrome plated. Dual boiler system of which each is 1500ml in capacity and has a large 2000watt element in each boiler, the largest boiler capacity to element wattage in its class. What does this mean? Steam, steam, steam, and a quick heat up time! Both boilers are insulated to help reduce heat loss.
  • Fully automatic 1 Group Espresso Machine with electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically, 2,75 litre water tank, copper boiler with 1.5 litre capacity with heat exchanger and a large 2000watt heating element for unlimited steam production.
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    Expobar Office Leva

    A traditional heat exchanger 1 group espresso machine with a EB-61 leva group of which weighs 4.2Kg. Copper boiler of 1.5litres with a large 2000watt element for unlimited steam production. Body made from 2mm thick stainless steel.
  • Expobar Rafael

    Where price and reliability are required, you can’t go past the newest and latest addition to the Expobar range “The Rafael”. With its curvy bright stainless steel body and gloss black sides, it really will make an impression to any cafés front bar!
  • Expobar Ruggero

    Custom hand built machine to order, your color, your sign. Comes standard with the Crema Cafe light box sign – color must be selected when ordered. Body can be painted in any automotive paint color available in Australia.
  • There is no doubt about it that this is Italian design and quality at its best. You can use the steam spout at the same time as you make your espresso. What is more,the Isomac Millennium has its own tap for boiling water. This is a professional machine with an enormous capacity.
  • The Isomac Mondialeis most recent addition to the machine range. It is remarkable in many way, but especially because its design differs largely from our other machines. The rounded shapes and the metal details makes it a beauty.
  • Isomac does not only have one flagship-but several. Tea is definitely one of them. You can use Tea to steam milk and make espresso at the same time. There is always plenty of steam in the spout, at the same time as the machine is ready to brew the perfect espresso, at the right temperature.
  • The Zaffiro is simply a machine for those who want to play professionals at home. The E-61-group ensures a stable temperature, which means that if you want a better-tasting espresso, you will have to find yourself a real Barista.
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    Macap – MXD

    $1,786.00 $1,650.00
    All MACAP grinders are the result of constant refinement in quality and excellence. These truly beautiful grinders, made in Italy, are some of the best available in Australia and are big competitors in the commercial grinder market. Introducing the MACAP MXD, the latest addition in the range of Macap grinders!