Anfim – SCODY II


Generating and maintaining minimal heat while under peak demand, SCODY II is an on-demand grinder producing consistent results

The step-less grind adjustment, hands-free actuator switch and the user-friendly software with a precise timer, adjustable by steps of 1/10 of a second ensures consistent dosing necessary for a constant pour time.
The manufacture advises the 75mm titanium burr set for 2500 kg of coffee use. Cooling fan and low 800 rpm burr speed minimise heat and the negative effect on the espresso in the cup.

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The Super Caimano On Demand Display (SCODY ll) is a 75mm flat blade commercial grinder that grinds at low revolution speeds. Featuring a cooling fan, infinite grind size and programmable dose adjustments which allows the grinder to be easily maintained for operational consistency even during peak periods of use. Titanium blades will maintain a sharp edge for blade longevity up to 2500kg of coffee. The Super Caimano has been the grinder of choice by many of the world’s best national barista champions when competing in their own national competition or representing their country at the WBC (World Barista Competition).

Hopper slide
Overload protection
Automatic START/STOP switch
Electronic shot counter
Multifunction control display & control unit
Electronic shot timer for single & double shot
Titanium coated grinding discs
Ventilation – Cooling fan
Stepless grind adjustment
Colour options White/Black, Black/Black.
Other colours on request
Other elec . specifications available on request


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